Monday, March 3, 2014

Hair with Michelle: Spring Bun with Twist

Happy Monday!! The sun was shining today making me THINK SPRING!
I think this is the perfect style to refresh your normal, boring pony 
in to something fresh and fun for Spring!

Step one: Separate hair in to 3 sections.
Step two: Secure middle section with a pony tail.
Step three: Twist the section in the pony tail in to a bun and secure with a twisty pin or bobby pins.
Step four: Separate one of the side sections in to two more sections and twist one of the sections.
Step five: Bring the twisted section under the pinned bun and secure with bobby pins.
Step six: Separate the other side in to two sections and twist that section and secure it over the bun.
Step seven: Repeat with the remaining hair left out, twisting and pinning under and over the bun. 

I think a perfect Spring finisher would be to add some flowers to this 'do!
Hair tutorial done by Michelle Marie from Bloom Beauty Boutique.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the sunshine!!