Sunday, March 16, 2014

Closet Remix Challenge: Week Two

Week two of the Closet Remix Challenge proved to be full of temptation. With the Spring season approaching, I have seen many new styles and trends that have enticed me to want to shop!! Prior to this challenge I would frequently make many impulse buys simply because I thought [said item] was something I just HAD to have RIGHT then. This week I resisted the urge to buy several things on impulse; reflecting to myself: "How often would I really wear that pair of shoes?" and "Is that shirt really something that I need to buy right now?". I may not be moving mountains over here but I am getting over some small obstacles!! Now, let's get to the recap of days 9-15.

Day 9
 Wrap Sweater: Old Navy
Leggings: Kohl's
Boots: Aldo
Scarf: VeryJane

Day 10
 Top: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy
Scarf: Kohl's
Boots: Aldo
Watch: Macy's

Day 11
Sweater: Old Navy
Tank: Old Navy
Ankle booties: Forever 21
Necklace: VeryJane
Bracelets: VeryJane // Old Navy

Day 12
Blazer: Target
Boots: JC Penney
Necklace: **old

Day 13
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Dickies @ JC Penney
Ankle Booties: Forever 21
Necklace: Charming Charlie's

Day 14
Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Charlotte Russe
Watch & Bracelet: Macy's

Day 15: Another Pinned-it-Did-it

Cardigan: Old Navy
Chambray: Kohl's
Boots: Aldo
Necklace: VeryJane

I want this month's challenge to be an honest and open one so I must confess to you that I did make a purchase this week... Despite being able to reason with other temptations and impulses, Kohl's did get the best of me. My mom just so happened to send me some AWESOME Kohl's coupons (30% off, $10 Kohl's cash and two $5 coupons) that I could not resist using! But, I did only buy one top and it totaled $7!! My husband used up the rest of these awesome deals and bought himself a couple pairs of jeans.
I knew going in to this challenge that it would be just that--- a challenge! I do not necessarily see this as a failure in my journey this month for I feel like I have made some significant improvements and I am realizing just how many clothes I really already have! I plan to continue to carry out my no shopping agreement for the rest of this month and continue to gain a control my shopping habit in future months. Let's just say this is a minor hiccup! :)

How are you planning to transition your wardrobe from Winter to Spring? 
Are there staples that you have that makes the switch a little easier? 

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you are having a relaxing weekend! Don't forget--- Tuesday is Recipe Day so stop back for this week's recipe!


  1. Love all of these outfits! Being from Michigan, I'm especially loving the Michigan tee :) I've been trying to "shop" out of my own closet the last couple of months and it's actually been kind of fun to create new looks that I wouldn't have normally put together because I would have just bought something new!

  2. I can't wait to be able to bring out some short sleeves and flats...Spring has to get here sooner or later...or maybe I should bring out my Spring clothes and just mix them with some of my warmer winter pieces to change it up a little. Look at that, you have me thinking about my wardrobe more than I normally would :)

  3. These are all so great!! You've inspired me to mix and match my clothes!!!

  4. Thank you ladies for your comments, you are all too sweet!! I believe that I have sent you all a personal reply back via email but just wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciate your comments! THANK YOU!!! :D