Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring Update: 8 Items Under $40!

With the frigid temps and pretty darn near every day snow accumulation here in the Midwest, we are have been hibernating for the last three months and it's been pretty DULL! My hair has tons of static, my skin is a terrible paste-white, and my toenail polish is pretty much chipped away! Winter can be so BLAHH sometimes!
So, I think it's time for us to add some COLOR to our lives! Spring is on the horizon and I can't wait for things to start growing again! Good bye hibernation cave and hello blooming beauties!
But, when we want to add some vibrant touches to our daily looks, we also do not want to break the bank! Girl, have I got some good news for you... You don't have to!

Spring Update

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First, pick up a new BRIGHT accessory to add to tees and tops you already have in your closet! Necklaces, scarves, and even shoes are pieces that can be worn over and over again but with each different top it can seem like you have a whole new look! Plus, this kind of update doesn't cost you a fortune. For instance, the multi-stranded pretty pink necklace I have shown here (3) is from Our World Boutique and comes in tons of great colors. Price is: $12.99. But, you can also find these great multi-stranded necklaces at Walmart for only $7.99 in lots of fabulous choices as well!
(use coupon code: perfectlyscrubbed for 20% off, OWB necklace here)

Second, add a new, colorful layering piece that will easily help you transition from Winter to Spring but also come in handy on those cold summer nights! This floral cardigan I found on Target's website (7) for $22.99. And, this pretty blue button up (8) I found at Walmart for $12.94.

Lastly, pick up some basic tees in some new bold colors! These are great for layering, dressing up (with a blazer), or even dressing down with just a pair of skinnies and some flats! I found this tee on clearance on for only $5.40! That's a steal!!!

Other items shown: 
chiffon top(2), Kohl's LC brand $22.99.
bold infinity scary (4), Target for $14.99. 
Floral print kicks (5), Target for $16.99.
statement necklace (6), Viva La Jewels for $32.99 (here).

I hope you are now ready to jump in to Spring with some vibrant colors and easy outfit updates!
Thanks for stopping by!
Any questions... Just ask!
Enjoy the rest of your week!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Size ((doesn't)) matter!

Ok, yes, sometimes size DOES matter!
But, what I am here to talk to you about today is clothing sizes.
Sure, sometimes thinking about going up a size can turn us in to a panic... 
"But I'm always a medium!?!?!"
What I want to encourage you to do though is experiment with different sizes to achieve different fits and looks!
Going up in a size may create a more, comfy, over-sized look that can easily change the vibe of the shirt.... like making it more casual for instance.
I love the comfy-chic look, it's pretty much my go-to! As long as it's comfy yet cute... I am in!
Choosing a different size can help you to achieve this too!
Also, sometimes different brands go by different sizing guidelines. So it's helpful to try a couple different sizes on to choose from, depending on the look you are going for!

I have a few examples to show you...
(and for reference, I am pretty consistently a size small, occasionally a medium)

Top #1

 This tag on this top actually says XL! Now, normally I would have saw that and totally walked away and left it there... BUT, I was like hmm.. this may be really cute still!! And, a super comfy over-sized fit! That is exactly what it turned out to be! I love it! Best part--- I got it on the clearance rack!

Top #2

Disclaimer: I am sucker for ANYTHING stripes! 
I own WAY too many striped tops! 
What I love about this one though is that it fits looser and gives the shirt this great 
casual look and feel!
The tag on this one is size L.
Again, best part--- clearance rack find!

Top #3

Another disclaimer: I LOVE every top that has some kind of lace accent!
It just really just adds something to the shirt!
This was again one of those shirts that I would have normally looked at the tag and thought... "Man, if only it was in my size". I decided to give it a try and I again, love the fit!
Tag is size L.
And, you may start to notice a theme... clearance rack find yet again!!!

So, you see... just because a top may have a larger sized label than you would normally grab, don't be afraid to try it out! Everything looks different on YOU than on the rack anyway!
It all just depends on the fit and look you are going for! :)
And, sometimes trying a larger size can save you some money too! (i.e. the clearance rack! ;))

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me! I would love to answer them for you!!

Thanks for stopping by today! 


Monday, February 2, 2015

Turning 27...

 Sure, when I turned 27 on Saturday I couldn't help but start to feel a little panic... my 20's are slowly coming to an end! Why, just 6 years ago I rounded up a group of friends, rented a party bus, and celebrated my 21st in style. Now, life has come to: working overtime to  pay the bills (or put your husband through grad school), all it takes is 2 cosmos to make the room spin, and when hanging out on a Saturday night in your PJs on the couch sounds fantastic!

Yes, I am starting to feel old and 30 is like right around the corner. I know, all of you who are 30 and above are shaking your heads thinking... "Oh yea, wait until you really turn 30!" 
So, I've decided that maybe turning 27 isn't so bad.
I am established with a good job and a great career.
I have an amazing husband who is paving the way for an even better future for us right now.
I have my own little family with a roof over our heads to keep us warm.
I am surrounded by some of the best friends and family anyone could ask for!
I have been able to travel to places I've only dreamed about before.
I'm also enjoying some of my passions in life and meeting so many new people along the way!
Best part is... even though 30 is lurking in the shadows... I have still have plenty of time to change things I may not be as pleased with and plenty of time ahead of me to figure whatever unknowns there are still waiting for me.

Do you or did you have fears about turning a certain age? 
What were or are they?
If you did, do you look back now and think: that was silly!?

Cheers to 27 everybody!