Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday: Bridal Edition

Spring is on the horizon and before we know it--- summer will be here! And that means: Wedding Season! This weekend I will attending a bridal shower for one of my best friends and college roommate. So, I decided to make this Friday's blog post about bridal/wedding gifts! I have chosen three top items that I received as a gift and use VERY frequently (and they are budget friendly items!). I have also chosen two items from Etsy; I just love personalized and monogrammed things and Etsy has tons of great options if you are looking for more of a unique wedding gift!
Enjoy your weekend!!

1: Oxo mixing bowl set.

(Found at Target for $24.99)

2: Crockpot (best invention ever!) I love the one I received with a timer
as well as my three crock one. 

(Found at Target for $49.99)

3: Small step ladder. This comes in handy SO much!

(Found at Target for $34.99)

4: Mr. & Mrs. Beer and Sangria glasses (how cute are these!?!).
(Etsy shop: ScissorMill for $25.00)

5: Wood sign with last name.
(Etsy shop: CRSWoodDesigns for $41.50)

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Do you have a favorite wedding gift that you received? 
Were you given a personalized item? If so, what was it?
Do you have any other tips for buying the perfect wedding gift?

Here is my friend and I in Mexico last year (when I got married!!)
Can't wait to spend some time with her!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great weekend!! 


  1. I have that crock pot and I love it! I think I need a trip to target because my mixing bowls somehow became dog bowls, and I'd love some new ones!

    Caitlin C

  2. you are SO cute! and I love that you included the step ladder--because that is one of the most-frequented items in my house when the tall hubby isn't around. ha!

  3. Ashley!! Those mr and mrs glasses are amazing - love!!!! And you can never have enough mixing bowls :) :)

  4. Ahhhh! Great idea for a post! I just sent one of my bridesmaids a text this week (as I was hurriedly steaming my clothes for that day) telling her that the steamer she got us just might be my favorite wedding gift.

    Also, so glad you commented on my blog today bc that's how I found your blog! LOVE IT! I'll now forever be a loyal follower! ;)

  5. Those Mr and Mrs glasses are so cute! I received a similar set of wine glasses that had our Mr and Mrs + last name and wedding date. It was such a unique gift idea and something we can pull out every year on our anniversary! Visiting from the link up!

  6. Yeah I love bridal themed posts!!! I just got a new crock pot and I'm so excited to use it. I have a step stool and use it all the time!

  7. What a perfect idea for a post! And I agree 100% with your choices. We actually got the first three items and you're right, I use those all the time! And I never got one but I love the signs with "est" and the year. My best friend got one when she got married and I loved it! Maybe I'll just order myself one :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I got those same OXO mixing bowls at my shower last summer! I use them ALL the time! The crockpot is another thing I couldn't live without. I need to get a fancy one with a timer! Have a great weekend!

  9. I found your site through Five on Friday and I just had to comment because I thought I recognized the background in your photo in Mexico. Did you by any chance get married at Dreams Tulum? I got married there in October : )

    1. Yes!! I did get married at Dreams Tulum-- in Feb. of 2013!! I LOVED it! Best decision ever!!! What a small world! :)

  10. Ahhh wedding season is here!!! I love buying wedding gifts almost as much as baby gifts.