Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend Recap: Labor Day Weekend 2014

Happy Labor Day!! 
I have been fortunate to have the last five days off and today I am sharing with you
 some of what I have been up to!

:: F R I D A Y ::

I mentioned that Friday my hubby and I were going to hit the outlets
 and do a little bit of shopping and we sure found some great deals!! 
He got multiple pairs of dress pants for school for $15 including brands like 
Banana Republic and Calvin Klein. 
I found some new shoes for work (I love the stripes, so fun!!!) and some great Fall pieces!
Everything at Banana Republic was 50% off and it was hard not to go too crazy!! 

:: S A T U R D A Y ::

Saturday we celebrated my niece, Addyson, turning two!!
We had a party in the park and she loved it!
She was so fun to watch open her presents and was so excited about each one.
I may be biased but I think she is the cutest!!

:: S U N D A Y ::

We have been a little behind on laundry so Sunday consisted of multiple loads of laundry 
and then a trip to Costco.
Have you tried these barkThins?? They are amazing!! Perfect for when you want a 
little chocolate fix... dark chocolate, sea salt and almond! YUM!!!

Later, we took advantage of the nice weather and went to the park down the road and played some tennis while the pups hung out watching kids play.

The night and the weekend were finished with some reading on our back deck.
It was such a gorgeous evening!!

It was a great relaxing holiday weekend!
I would love to hear what you did!! :)

Excited to link up with Biana from B Loved Boston for the first time! 
She is great!!!




  1. I recently had those Snapea Crisps and I'm obsessed!! You got some great fall goodies!! Thanks for linking up and have a great Monday! xo

  2. It looks like I officially need to try those bark thins...I've seen so many people talk about them and they seem right up my alley! And relaxing outside reading a book so just amazing!

  3. I found your blog through Biana's weekending linkup and I'm so glad I did! Love those deals and steals from the outlets. I look forward to reading more :D

  4. Sounds like a great long weekend! Your niece is super cute. Sounds like you got some great buys in Birch Run. Nick and I played some tennis last night. What are you currently reading?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. Love the polka dot top. Your niece is a cutie! Thanks for posting the Snapeas, great remonder I need to pick some up! So good! Sounds like a great weekend!

  6. Your weekend sounds similar to mine! I was at the outlet mall last weekend and got some great deals too! I also make a trip to Costco and the samples were on point Saturday! lol

  7. What a fabulous weekend and a fabulous haul at the outlets girl!! xoxo

  8. Yay for outlet shopping!! And how adorable is your niece?! Sounds like a pretty great weekend :)

  9. Love the sweaters that you snagged! I won't be need warm clothes anytime soon in FL but they're super cute and love your hair!

  10. 50% off everything at Banana??? Glad I missed that one haha!

    Your niece is so so so cute. My heart is meltingggg!

  11. I absolutely love outlet mall shopping during Labor Day weekend and there's nothing better than sitting out on a deck with a book...though it's still around 100 here so I'm waiting till it's cooler to do that. :)

  12. Could your niece be any cuter?! She is adorable! We are planning on heading up to Grand Rapids to go to Costco this weekend and I cannot WAIT!