Wednesday, March 15, 2017

NEW home: Our moving story!

Upon graduation, we knew that Tyler would be working for Macatawa Anesthesia at Holland Hospital where I also work as a nurse. To make the commute easier, we hoped to move closer to work at some point. Maybe not as fast as it all happened, but we are fortunate for the way that things did work out!

January 1, we went to "just look" at a few houses as we had the day off and figured "Eh, why not get the process going?". Haha, yea right! "Just looking" at houses is like "just looking" at puppies! Don't tell me after seeing those cute little fur balls you don't want to take one home!? So, window shopping lead us to a house that checked a lot of boxes in what we were looking for in a home. Best of all, it was BRAND spankin' new! Welp, that turned in to a hustle to get our house in order and ready to sell before we lost the opportunity to buy the new house we liked!

After much purging, cleaning, and painting, our 1950's home was ready for a new owner one week later! We put her on the market on a Wednesday, by that Friday evening we had 14 showings (and many that canceled with fear of how much interest it was getting!) and 7 offers... 4 of which were over asking!!! We were blown away.

Fast forward 6 weeks and we made it to our closing date! Not without the usual ups and downs of home inspection hiccups though. And, of course, more purging of stuff!! But, we made it and it was all good!! We closed on both homes on Friday, moved EVERYTHING in ONE day! We couldn't have done it without the awesome help of SO MANY of our friends and family!
Again, we were blown away!
Not to mention, the weather! Here in Michigan, it is hard to say what you are to get (especially in the middle of February!). But, that weekend happened to be sunny and 60 degrees and it was amazing! Once more, blown away by that great mother nature surprise.

Now, the perfect move doesn't happen without a great realtor. We used a friend (and professional!), Kirsten DeLange! She was totally on top of everything and made selling and buying a home at the same time a breeze!!
If you are in the West Michigan area and looking to buy or sell a home I would totally recommend her!
Check out her Facebook page here.

Needless to say, even though our move went pretty smoothly, we are not looking to do it again any time soon! We are excited to begin our journey out by the lake shore. I can't wait to share my decorating adventures with you!!


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