Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lunch Meal Prep


As with breakfast, I found myself heading to the cafeteria every lunch break and coming back with blah and bland food choices. And, I was spending WAY too much money for lunches!!

So, on Sunday I made a plan to tackle my afternoon eating lull with a lunchtime meal plan too! We're about halfway through the week and I have stuck with my meal plans and even have tomorrow and Thursday's lunches made! (A lot of time I would try to meal plan but then not be interested in what I made... so sticking with it is an accomplishment! :))

My plan: Chicken caesar salad wraps, pizza pinwheels, BLT pita pockets, salad, any leftovers from dinners 

*Chicken caesar salad wraps: to make this super simple I bought a caesar salad kit and pre-cooked chicken strips (by the hot dogs and pulled pork, if that makes sense?). I heated up the chicken in a skillet in the night before and then the next morning I put the kit together, added the chicken, and made it in to a wrap. I added strawberries and pretzels and this lunch was delicious! I made the salad and wrap the morning of because I was afraid it would get soggy but my husband ate it a day later and said it was still good! I had leftover salad from the kit after making 2 wraps and took that as part of my lunch another day!

*Pizza Pinwheels: These were so yummy and so EASY! I think the kids would love this one too! Grab a couple cans of crescent rolls, spread out pizza sauce, desired pizza toppings, and cheese--- roll in to a big burritos, cut sections and bake! I am totally going to make these again! With these I had some fruit and a yogurt! Check out this recipe here.

*BLT pita pockets: Have you seen these cute pita pockets? They can be found in the deli and are a great bread alternative (lower calorie and carbs!). And, I think they taste delicious! I like to fill them with veggies and Italian dressing or lunch meat and cheese just like a sandwich! I made BLT ones with pre-cooked bacon (easy, faster, and LESS mess!), cut up grape tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and small amount of mayo! YUM!

*I also made a wrap with veggies and ranch and had some leftovers from one of our dinners one night! There wasn't a lot of prepping for these lunches, more planning actually! I tried to grab easy ways (with the bacon, salad kit, etc.) to be able to throw this together quickly the night before!

I hope these gave you some ideas to spice up lunch time!
I find that when I have a lunch packed that I am looking forward to eating I get hungry earlier and I am hungrier! Is this like a thing?? Do you feel that way too??! :)
What do you do for lunch??

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