Sunday, January 22, 2017

Breakfast Meal Prep

Being that I work Monday-Friday in the Operating Room, it has become very easy to head to the cafeteria on my morning break and get eggs & bacon! E -v- e- r- y d- a- y! I need some better alternatives so when I was brainstorming about meal prep--- I wanted breakfast to be included! Because honestly, sometimes it can be as much of a struggle as dinner!

First, one of the biggest tips for meal prepping I can give--- Have a plan! Write out what you want to make and even plan out what days you will have certain meals on. Without a plan, it leaves much room for error such as forgetting something at the grocery store (The worst! Grr!)

That being said, my plan for breakfast this week was:
hard boiled eggs, fruit, yogurt, and a breakfast casserole.

I've been making the hard boiled eggs for a few weeks now for Tyler and I as alternate breakfast choices and I have yet to master the peeling part! I've tried putting salt in the water, adding a little baking soda, and putting them in cold water after cooking but nothing seems to do the trick 100% of the time. Usually two or three of the eggs will stick to the eggshell and the rest will fall off pretty easy. I will continue to test out tricks... if you have any good advice throw it my way!!!

I like to put together a couple eggs, a small handful of fruit, and a yogurt... breakfast for a few days! This set up is pretty easy to put together and I love that part of it. That would bring me to my second tip for meal planning---Keep it simple! Don't over do it or try to make it super fancy. Keep it simple and easy! You will be more likely to stick to it the less complicated it is! :)

This week I was thinking of adding a little something else so I decided to grab a breakfast casserole recipe off Pinterest and add it to the mix. And this one did NOT disappoint! It is delicious (and easy, woo-boo)! Find it here. Tastes like blueberry muffin cake. Y-U-M! I will probably pack a couple small pieces of this and an egg or two.

Thanks so much for joining me on the blog tonight! 
I hope that you liked these ideas and that these tips help you plan for your busy families!!
Have a great week friends!


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