Sunday, September 11, 2016

Blog Hiatus Coming to an End!!!

Hello there!
If you have been around these parts since the beginning first, THANK YOU!!! Second, you may have noticed that I have been more than just a little M.I.A., posting has been spotty, and I have pretty much faded! Well, many changes have occurred since this adventure started and now that things are settling in to a new normal I've decided that I want to get back to sharing my thoughts and experiences with YOU!!

So, WHAT has changed!?! WHAT has been going on!?
Gosh, I sit here trying to think of WHERE to start!
Soon after my husband started Nurse Anesthesia school, I decided to make my own career transition at work. I found myself becoming very jaded, dragged down, and constantly looking for a change.  Luckily in nursing, there are so many different paths to choose from when you're starting to feel like you need something different! I decided to switch departments and went from working twelve hour night shifts in the emergency department to five days a week in the operating room. It was a very difficult transition for me as emergency nursing holds a special place in my heart, and looking back now, I think there were SO many changes happening all kind of at once that a lot of things took a back seat for awhile! AKA, my bloggity blog!

I used to think of myself as someone that is OK with change but after making a pretty significant career change, I don't know if I am! haha! Leaving your comfort zone is a REALLY hard thing to do and I find it crazy how long sometimes the transition can be until you find new comfort in your situation! Stepping out of what is super familiar into something totally unknown breaks down your confidence too! I feel as though I was trying to re-discover a whole new path, substituting things here and there (LuLaRoe, etc),  to try to find new confidence in an unfamiliar setting. When things are foreign we often get in our heads and things get even more confusing in our minds. Sometimes WE can be our biggest enemies!!  CONFIDENCE, COMFORT, GROWTH!!!  I used to think, "Why would anyone care to listen to what I have to say?" Then, people would tell me "I love reading your blog!" That was the best hearing that!! And here, I abandoned you all and left you out high and dry! So, the question now becomes why NOT!?!? Put yourself out there, step outside of your comfort zone, be a little crazy, don't hold back!

Well, with the blog hiatus coming to an end, I hope that you all will still follow along and share life's silly moments with me! This blog may not be a big budget production and there may not be any fancy macaroons here but what it is, is REAL. I'm still figuring it all out, and I'm not perfect by any means, but what you see, is what you get! :)

I would love to hear from YOU!
What kind of topics are you interested in hearing about?
What trick/tips/fashion advice can I help you with?
Let me know!
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