Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pineapple Express

Pineapples: most commonly known as a fruit you eat. Yet, lately it has become a popular fashion trend. Pineapple tees, pineapple decorated shorts and dresses, and pineapple adorned accessories. To be honest, I am a huge fan! I love all the cute fruity fashion that I have been seeing all over Instagram and Pinterest.

Actually, this trend started last year, and has become even bigger this year! That is where I jumped on the pineapple express... last year... when I bought this gold foiled pineapple tee from Kohl's! But, I want you to join in too! So, I have linked some super cute options for you!

Pineapple Party

Do you have a favorite way to wear this new favorite trend?
If you haven't tried it yet... whether it's adding an accessory or new top, I hope you give it a try!
Thanks for joining in the blog tonight!


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