Saturday, August 8, 2015

Whoa.Wait.Walmart. Spotlight!

Walmart: you either love it or hate it.
I don't frequently shop there but when I do, I often find the cutest things at unbeatable prices.
If you are on Instagram you must follow @whoawaitwalmart!
Bethany and Amanda are my two favorite Walmart connoisseurs!
These two sweet ladies discover and share their great finds at the department store.
You can also check out their blog: Here.

I love some of the things they post and even went to Walmart today in search of this super comfy-looking top shown here. Unfortunately at my local store I was unable to find it, but I did find some other cute things!

I am in LOVE with this tote! 
My husband and I are traveling to Utah in a month or so and I have been keeping my eye out for a cute tote to take on the plane with me that can fit lots of stuff. This one totally fits the bill! 
The leopard just tops it off! I pretty much can't refuse anything with leopard on it! :)
Black & Leopard tote: $19.98.

I already own a couple of these headbands from here in fun Spring/Summer patterns.
They are comfy and stay on your head (which I know is a problem we ladies have with headbands!)
When I saw these two styles I knew I had to have them too!
I can't wait to wear the plaid one this fall.
And remember what I said earlier... I can't refuse anything leopard!!!
Headbands: $3.98.

Walmart's jewelry section never disappoints! 
I love that I can update and add some new accessories to my collection without spending 
an arm and a leg to do so! 
For $5 a piece.. how can you not!??!

Thanks for stopping by the blog tonight!!
Hope you love my finds as much as I do.



  1. Thanks dear! We appreciate your support! xo, Whoa, wait. Walmart?

  2. I have actually just started shopping at Walmart again after having not been there in years, and I was surprised at how much I could get there at reasonable prices! I got some workout clothes (that I don't wear to workout in, by the way!), some great jewelry, hair stuff, etc. I love it! Your picks from Walmart are great, too. I especially love that leopard tote. I'm going to have to check my local store for it. I love anything leopard!
    The Busy Brunette

  3. These t-shirts, bags and statement necklaces are looking simply superb and happy that you shared your shopping experience here with us. I too have to buy a pair of workout leggings but really not sure which store should I go with.