Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Nostalgia

Reflecting back as today marks one year since my husband and I exchanged vows beachside in Tulum, Mexico. When I brought up the idea of a destination wedding to my parents I knew that there would be mixed feelings about it as they are traditional people, yet they were very supportive and agreed to forge forward if that was what I decided to do. Once the decision was made I often got asked, "Why do you want to do a destination wedding?". The answer was simple... "Why not!?!" I never dreamed of having a big wedding and all of the extras that go in to a traditional wedding do not get me excited. When I pictured my wedding I wanted simplicity; and the only things that mattered to me were Tyler standing by my side and my closest friends and family there. After we were engaged in Mexico on a trip with friends I thought "Why not go back and tie the knot there too?" Almost one year from the date of our engagement- we did just that!

The love and support from our friends and family was AMAZING!! Tyler and I were blessed to be surrounded by thirty friends and family as we exchanged vows on what could not have been a more perfect late afternoon. We were married at 4pm, took some pictures, and then danced the night away at our beachside reception area!

So how do you plan a wedding nearly 3,000 miles away in a foreign country? Very easy actually! First we picked the resort we would be staying at (Dreams Tulum). Our travel agent took care of a majority of the details and booked trips for our family and friends too. Next I picked out my dress. I wanted it to be something that was casual enough for the beach yet fancy enough that I felt like a bride in it. I said "Yes to the Dress!" at a local bridal boutique and ordered it to custom length so that there was no big train and it fell right to my feet- perfect for bare feet in the sand! The details of the wedding ceremony and reception afterward were planned in one week (at the beginning of January--- we were married in February!) via email. There were some examples to go by online and I just provided mostly what colors I wanted and they took care of it from there. Everything was simple with just the right touch to make it pop. I could not have been more happy with ALL of it! I think it helped going in to it with low expectations and the thought that "It is what it is". Again, all that mattered to me was marrying by best friend with my closest family and friends there to see! If I had the choice I would do it all over again the exact same way!

Happy First Anniversary to my best friend and husband! I wish us many more years together and many more firsts!

Are you thinking of doing a destination wedding? Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions!

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  1. Congrats on your one year anniversary! Your wedding looked beautiful! My husband and I joke that if we had to do it again, we'd do a destination wedding :) I mean, we loved our wedding day--it was perfect, but there is just a lot of stress that comes with planning a big wedding...a destination wedding just seems so much more relaxed.