Monday, April 17, 2017

Summer's coming, Grab your shades!

If you are a glasses wearer like myself, you know how important prescription sunglasses can be for comfort (and style!) Have you heard of Warby Parker? It is an online glasses retailer that is trendy, fun, and affordable. They carry traditional eye wear for both men and women. Recently, they launched their 2017 summer sunnies and they are worth taking a peek at!

The fun thing about Warby Parker is their home try on system. You choose five different frames that you are interested in and they ship them to your door step for FREE! Then, for the next five days you get to try on the frames and get a feel for them in real life. After the fifth day, jot down which ones you loved and send them back in the pre-paid box!! It is that simple, and you don't even really have to leave home if you don't want! :)

Ready to get started? Click the link here to get started!!!
Any questions, just ask!


**all images courtesy of Warby Parker company**

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