Thursday, May 8, 2014

Five on Friday: Bridesmaid Essentials

Whew, Friday you are VERY welcomed!!
It's been a run-your-tail-off kind of week and I am ready for some fun!
This weekend is my college roommate's wedding and I am super excited to celebrate!!!

In honor, I have put together a list of 5 important items to have as a bridesmaid.

1. The dress, shoes, and accessories!
           ~These babies are what it is all about: do NOT forget the dress!!!!

(image source)

2. An emergency bridal kit
          ~Containing items such as: band aids, gum, kleenex, tampons, tide to go, bobby pins, mini hairspray, tape, etc.)
(image source)

3. A clutch
          ~To keep possible said emergency items as well as your lip gloss, phone and other goodies (including your I.D!)

(image source)

4. Comfy shoes
         ~For when the ceremony and the pictures are over and you are ready to dance!!

(image source)

5. Camera
        ~Whether it be your phone or an actual camera, you might want to snap some shots of the day that are unique to your experience and perception.

(image source)

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Have a great weekend!!
See you back on Monday for a recap of the wedding festivities!

Thanks for stopping by, xoxo


  1. Happpy Friday girl!! I love weddings!! Hope this one is awesome :)

  2. Great list- esp the survival kit. I LOVE THE CLUTCH THE MOST, though! :)